School-aged children in 1st - 12th grade can become a member of TheGifted Arts for $45.00 a month, with a one-time enrollment fee of $50.00. Families that want to enroll two or more children can do so at a rate of $60.00 a month, plus enrollment fee. Membership includes TheGifted's premier program, GiftedAcademy, a TGA custom t-shirt and offers special members rates for additional TGA programming and events that occur throughout the year.



TheGifted Arts Programs


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For all students.

Are you a performer? A vocalist? A stepper? An actor or actress? Then, GiftedAcademy is for you!

GiftedAcademy is our premier program. You will explore dance, drama, fashion and music programming to enrich 21st Century skills and inspire growth in The Four Movements. 


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TheGifted Arts Dance Video Shoot | Summer '16'

Filmed and Edited by: Cj Morgan Shot at Chavis Community Park Raleigh, NC Choreography by: Rashawn Rogers inspired by Kaelynn "KK" Harris Produced by: Nichole' Morgan Song: Baby Quah Anthem by Dollar Boyz



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$64 a Month for Elementary, Middle, and High School students

It is very important for our students to identify and apply the skills and confidence that they have gained through TheGifted Arts' programing and learn how to then transfer them into their personal and academic experiences. Often times the connection between their success in the arts and application in the classroom will be obvious, however, there will be times when the student may need added prescribed academic assistance. This program is designed for students that will benefit from that additional support.

This program offers assistance with homework, creating dynamic projects, writing, math and literacy concepts, and so much more. 

Additional $35 a month with an active membership.





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At TheGifted Arts, we highly value student success and we embrace the career and vocational pathways that best meet the needs, interests and desires of our students after high school graduation. However, here at TGA we deeply value and encourage the college pathway.

In this program, students will have the option to: build an academic and career resume', learn how to craft a personal statement, navigate the college application process, explore financial literacy, and enjoy college trips.

Additional $35 a month with an active membership.