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Cost $60/month with a one time enrollment fee of $25

GiftedAcademy (GA) is our premier performance academy and the premise for what the organization was founded upon.

Students explore dance, drama, fashion, and music programming in unique and traditional ways to enrich 21st century skills, inspire personal growth in The Four Movements and build confidence.

Junior Academy (All 3rd - 5th)  - Saturdays at 10 am | Pick up at 11:30 am

**New** CoreAcademy (6th - 8th) - Thursday nights 6 pm | Pick up at 8:00 pm

**New** SeniorAcademy (9th - 12th)- Start time Saturdays at 12 pm | Pick up at 3:30 pm



Current partners:

East Garner Middle School

GiftedImpact (GI): GiftedImpact is our community immersion program cultivating confident, young leaders and artists in partnership with our youth-serving community agencies, schools and after-school programs. GI is designed to be an extension of our core programs and services. As such, all curricula are based on TheGifted Arts ‘Four Movements:’ critical thinking, literacy, presentation, and professionalism and inherently involves students tapping into their creativity.

We aim to build skills in leadership, communication, teamwork, and problem solving, with an ultimate goal of raising the confidence level of each child, by leveraging the performing arts, as an interactive teaching and engagement tool.



Cost $85/week

TheGifted Arts provides a high-quality specialty camp for rising 6th - 10th graders at a competitive cost. Campers will enjoy indoor and outdoor recreational activities as well as a uniquely blended artistic and educational experience based off of the theme for the week. Camp fees are 85/wk which includes a daily snacks, a field trip, swimming, and one off campus lunch. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced level performers are all welcome.