Meet TheGifted Arts Team


Nicholé Morgan | Co- Founder & C.E.O. of TheGifted Arts, Inc

Bachelors in Sociology and Masters of Education: Specializing in Out-of-School Time and Community Education Leadership

As a woman of color and beneficiary of supplemental education and recreational programs, such as the local boys and girls club, Nicholé has a sincere connection to education reform and social services that IN AN EFFORT TO DISMANTLE THE OPPORTUNITY GAP, afford underrepresented minority groups an even playing field to access an equal education and attain economic prosperity.

While Nicholé began working with youth as soon as she was able to earn her work permit at 15.5 yrs. old at her childhood boys and girls club and later the YMCA in college, she began her service formally in education reform in 2008 in Boston with citizen schools, a national nonprofit that partners with public middle schools to expand the learning day. Here she delivered direct programming in college and career readiness and hands on learning opportunities to sixth graders, served as a two-year AmeriCorps National Teaching Fellow in Charlotte and Durham, NC. During this time, she earned her Masters of Education. After graduating, Nicholé served on the Talent Acquisition team for five years; the last few leading as a National Director of Fellowship Recruitment and Pathway Development before transitioning to lead their efforts full time at Thegifted arts.

Nicholé enjoys being newly married, traveling, cooking, music, dance, writing and spending time with her family and friends.





Clarence "CJ" Morgan, III | Co- Founder & C.O.O. of TheGifted Arts, Inc.

Lead Counselor for Wake County Public Schools | Bachelors in Psychology and Masters in Counseling Education

CJ's passion for the arts and youth development was birthed in Clarence’s hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina. It was here that he found his purpose to inspire and motivate youth, working as a youth counselor at a local YMCA outreach program. In 2000, Clarence left Raleigh with his knowledge, passion, and mission and travelled to Hampton University. Four years later, Clarence graduated with his Bachelors of Arts in Psychology. He was later reconnected with the YMCA in Hampton, Virginia as a teen coordinator, while he worked on his School Counseling, Master’s degree. The program that he built in Hampton laid the foundation for his work with TheGifted Arts, Inc.

Clarence is currently a tenured school counselor in wake county public schools. As a counselor, Clarence uses group counseling and classroom guidance to build personal confidence, leadership skills, and successful habits for middle schoolers.

Outside of his career, Clarence is also a basketball and track coach, DJ, musician, writer, visual artist and an aspiring author.