Financial Assistance Request

 TheGifted Arts, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to the charitable and educational purpose of providing primary and secondary school children the opportunity to enhance their academic and social development by immersion in performance arts. We are willing to work with dedicated families to provide our programs to all who will benefit from them.

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The information requested on this form will be keep confidential. We will use it to help build letters and gather data for individual and corporate grant contributors, donors and sponsors.
Please list all of the persons living within your household. Include their NAMES, EMPLOYER/SCHOOL, BIRTHDATE, AGE, and GRADE.
Assistance Agreement
We are committed to our purpose and mission and we will not allow any barrier to stop any aspiring GiftedArtist to join our cause, especially current financial situations. Our financial assistance program was created to connect donors and sponsors to families in need. In order for our assistance program to continue we must have a commitment on the following items:
Do you agree to the following: