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TheGifted Arts Experience is Different

We are an “inside-out” program. TheGifted Arts is the best arts program for your child. We provide a family-like environment to teach the arts and encourage personal growth. 

Our goal and mission is to strengthen character, confidence and leadership skills in our youth. The vehicle that we achieve this is through the arts (Fashion, Dance, Step, Music, and Drama). A confident child is an unstoppable child.

Shy kids shine at TheGifted Arts. Find out more.

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The Impact

Our students report that our GiftedAcademy program has improved their confidence, professionalism, and advocacy.

Yearly, we provide 200 hours of instructional time per child in our GiftedAcademy program.

See a sample Curriculum.


Parent Feedback Survey Results

96% of Parents stated, “My child has developed presentation skills (communication, self -confidence) because of their involvement in TheGifted Arts.”

96% of Parents stated, “My child has developed professionalism (career planning, leadership, teamwork) because of their involvement in TheGifted Arts.”

Our development is individualized yet systematic. Check out our formula.


Student Testimonials:

“TheGifted means freedom and confidence. It is the ability to express who you are.”

“If it wasn’t for TheGifted, I would still be being bullied. I’d still be shy.”

“I have come out of my shell. It has helped me express myself better.”

“This is a safe space. I came out of my shell. It truly saved me.” 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the program cost?

GiftedAcademy is $60/month with a one time $25 enrollment fee.

On average, TheGifted Arts cost is 90% less than programs offering similar services.

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How do I enroll?

Begin the enrollment process HERE.

Where is the program located?

We are located in downtown Garner. 103 West Main Street Garner NC 27529.

How can I get involved?

Join our parent task force.